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    AURUS 7

    Aurus 7 offers musicians, professionals as well as hobbyists and beginners, specific aid to strengthen their diaphragm along with the instrument.

    So far, clarinettists and saxophonists had to carry out time-consuming and exhausting exercises without the instrument.

    Now they can train their diaphragm by means of the patented Aurus 7, a metronome and a tuner.

    The success is immediately perceptible.

    The diaphragm trainer Aurus 7 causes a well-directed loss of air by lifting the upper lip. Thereby the abdominals muscles is used more.

    In addition, the Aurus 7 helps to obtain a rich and warm sound, which occurs when more overtones resonate in the tone.

    Therefore you must reduce the pressure on the reed of the clarinet or the saxophone.

    The Aurus 7 offers you a specific aid to train this.

    Suitable for all mouthpieces of clarinets and saxophones.

    The individual parts of the Aurus 7 consist of food-safe silicon according to UVP 6 standard as well as stainless steel and are easy to clean.



    You need a tuner, a metronome (or a clock with second hand) and a little patience.

    Hold the Aurus 7 with your left hand (the knurled screw points to the right). Pull the diaphragm trainer over the top of the mouthpiece. Fix the Aurus 7 by turning the knurled screw.

    Put your upper lip over the two wings, the lipping being normal. Inhale slowly and deeply (about 6-10 seconds) and blow powerfully without tonguing (belly thrust). Despite the emerging air loss, a tone must sound. The practising tone is right if a frequence of 440 Hz is reached.

    Please check this with the tuner.

    Questions & Answers

    o I need any preconditions to use the diaphragm trainer?
    No, anyone can apply the diaphragm trainer at once, wether beginner or professional.

    Which level of play is Aurus 7 suitable for?
    The exercises are suited to every level of play.

    How often do I have to practise?
    An exercise interval of 5 minutes once a day would be perfect.

    Can you practise with the mouthpiece on its own as well?
    Yes, but the acoustic control is better with the entire instrument.

    How do I clean the Aurus 7?
    Just rinse under the tap.

    What else do I need for practising with the Aurus 7?
    Merely your instrument, a metronome and a tuner.

    Why must the tuner be set to 440 Hz?
    By using the Aurus 7, the air does not reach the instrument entirely. Thus, the tone becomes deeper. Longtime tests have proved a frequence of 440 Hz to be the optimal tuning for exercising. If you practise without the
    Aurus 7, use a standard tuning (442-443 Hz).

    Why sometimes there is no tone being created the first times you practise (mostly with clarinettists)?
    Too much pressure on the reed does not let the air pass through mouthpiece and reed.
    The air passes, but no tone is being created.
    The air pressure which makes the reed swing is not yet reached. Try to keep the air pressure steady and quick (as if you blow out a candle from a long distance).
    I'II recommend you to pull your tongue backwards as much as you can so as to free the windpipe.