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    Trommeclinic med Mike Mangini Lørdag 9. november 2013

    Mike Mangini Europe Clinic Tour 2013
    Vi hadde den store glede av å ha Mike Mangini på trommeclinic på Garage lørdag 9. november 2013.
    Det er andre gang vi har gleden av å ha Mike i Bergen. Det har gått 9 år siden sist gang vi hadde storslått besøk. Som forrige gang var det også denne gang spennende å se og høre alt som det er mulig å få til bak et trommesett.
    Foruten å være en trommeslager i verdensklasse er Mike også en utmerket kommunikator. Dette gjør at hans opptreden inneholder musikk i øverste klasse samtidig som han evner å forklare for alle hva og hvordan vi andre kan få dette til.
    Ja! Da er det bare å sette i gang!! For egen del utsetter jeg det til i morgen. Ligger foreløpig noen slag bak metronomen i enslagvirvel. Må nok leve med et 3 sifferet tall og ikke 4 sifferet når verdensrekord forsøket er tatt. Er et godt stykke bak Mike sine 1204 slag. 
    Fra Pearl Music Europe sin hjemmeside kan vi lese følgende:

    Mike Mangini will do a European clinic tour with a total of 16 clinics in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Norway, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

    Mike has always been famous for his speed, control and accuracy, but once he became the drummer of world renowned band Dream Theater in 2010 his incredible drumming was seen by much more people and his status rose.
    Now in 2013 he plays great new masterpieces on Dream Theater’s new album and he will show those in Europe in beginning of 2014.
    Before he starts touring with Dream Theater he has made time to undertake a huge Pearl clinic tour from 25th of October to 17th of November 2013.

    If you’ve never experienced a clinic of Mike Mangini, you will get inspired by his enthusiasm, his useful tips, his insights and instructive exercises. He’s been teaching at Berklee College of Music and knows how to bring those instructions across. But foremost, he’s a spectacular and brilliant player and for sure great to watch!

    Before his gig with Dream Theater, Mangini had a tremendous career teaching at Berklee, but also his gigs with Steve Vai, Annihilator, Extreme, James LaBrie, Steve Perry, Godsmack, Steven Tyler, Dale Bozzio and Skunk Baxter.
    In the nineties he published two important parts of his Rhythm Knowledge books, which are widely used teaching methods.

    Mike feels well playing with Dream Theater. He mentioned that this drum style fits perfectly with the musicians of Dream Theater, and that he’s fond of all the drum parts that were previously written. His first album he played on, “A dramatic Turn of Events”, he was able to completely interpret the drum parts his way. On the new self titled album “Dream Theater “ Mike shows how he manages with all odd time signatures and time changes. It’s just spectacular!

    Fra Mike sin hjemmeside kan vi lese følgende:

    Mike Mangini has successfully applied his Rhythm Knowledge learning method to all styles of music, from classical & jazz to speed metal. He has consistently developed both the melodic and rhythmic sides of his musical personality. He has documented his command of these styles on recordings, with Internationally Renown and Multi Platinum Selling bands, as a multi-time Grammy nominee, as the featured clinician at most every drum festival in the world, and as a full-time faculty member at Berklee College of Music along with being named to their Educational Committee and as Advisor to the Percussion students. Mike's latest achievement was his successful audition to become the new, official drummer for progressive-metal’s reigning kings, Dream Theater.
    He is both teacher and student. He has been performing since the age of 4 and studying music since age 5. He studied percussion privately with Walter Tokarczyk (Public School System, Waltham, MA), from age 10 through 18. Since 1987 he has given private instruction to drummers, guitarists, and pianists. Michael completed his first drum clinic tour in 1996, and since then he has traveled the world as a clinician selling out venues in over 40 countries. The principles on which he based his extraordinary style can be found in his publications entitled Rhythm Knowledge Volumes I and II.

    His numerous awards include: Official Multi Category W.F.D. World’s Fastest Drummer, Boston's Best Drummer/Rhythm Section; NAJE All Eastern United States Percussionist - First Chair; All Massachusetts Jazz Band Drummer - First Chair; All Massachusetts Concert Band Percussionist - First Chair; All Massachusetts (N.E. District) Jazz Band Drummer - First Chair; Concert Band Percussionist (N.E. District) First Chair., and he appears in Drum Magazine Reader’s Polls yearly.

    He has spent time in the recording studios. His more celebrated Rock credits include his 6 records in 4 years with Steve Vai, Waiting for the Punchline by Extreme, Set the World on Fire, Metal & All for You by Annihilator, (Mullmuzzler 1, 2, and Elements of Persuasion) with Dream Theater’s James LaBrie, Tourist by Pop Artist Chris Emerson, and now Dream Theater.

    When Mike speaks of the importance of being able to relate to others "in and out of the limelight", he is talking from experience. He has performed in over 40 countries numerous times, led his High School bandmates to State, or National 1st place victories in Classical, Jazz, Percussin Ensemble and Marching Band, as well as, won Outstanding Musician Honors 7 times at mulit-school events, and is an active clinician with close multi year relationships to his endorsement companies and to the bulk of his drumming peers. He has also earned the respcect of his students on a personal and professional level with the highest student response rate percentage (in three consecutive years,) for all college professors in the national OCE online evaluations.

    Foto: Tom H. Bjørkhaug
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    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug Pro Perc clinic Mike Mangini 2013
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug Pro Perc clinic Mike Mangini 2013
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug Pro Perc clinic Mike Mangini 2013
    Pearl MCX Mocha Tamo Finish og Zildjian Cymbaler
    Mike synes det var en utmerket utsikt fra Fløyen!
    Trommeclinic med Mike Mangini 26. oktober 2005
    I forbindelse med våre clinic uker i oktober måned 2005 arrangerte vi vår andre trommeclinic på en uke med polyrytmikk geniet Mike Mangini.
    Vi var veldig glad for at vi fikk anledningen til å få denne anerkjente trommeslageren til Bergen. Foruten å være verdensrekordholder i enslagsvirvel var og er Mike Mangini et monster bak trommesettet og en utrolig inspirerende foredragsholder.
    Foto: Frode Andreassen
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    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug Pro Perc clinic med Mike Mangini 2005
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug Pro Perc clinic med Mike Mangini 2005
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug Pro Perc clinic med Mike Mangini 2005