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    Trommeskinn Kentville Drums KD-K14M, Pretucked Kangaroo 14, Medium
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    trommeskinn kentville drums kd k14m/ pretucked kangaroo 14/ medium
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    Trommeskinn Kentville Drums KD-K14M, Pretucked Kangaroo 14, Medium

    Kentville Drums Kangaroo hide drum heads are suited to a variety of musical situations. They are perfect for jazz, orchestral, folk and contemporary performers seeking the raw, full-bodied, warmth that is often absent in a plastic head. The heads are easy to tune, melodic, responsive and free of troublesome overtones. Medium is approximately 0.25-0.3mm thick, which offers a great balance of sensitivity, warmth and durability.

    Kentville's aim is to provide a product inspired by the sounds and traditions of the past, with the needs and desires of today's drummers kept closely in mind.

    Every drumhead is entirely hand made using a series of tasks and tools as old as western drums themselves. The way Kentville laps heads today is the same way they were made for the snares of the drummer boys that served in the Napoleonic wars. It's a process steeped in tradition and old world skill.

    Hide selection involves discerning examination before skins are deemed suitable for drum head production. Chosen hides are then cut to size and thinned to achieve the final thickness of the heads. The precisely sized rounds are then lapped to flesh hoops, before being set on molds to dry and to form collars which allow the heads to seat comfortably.

    After several days, the heads are removed from their molds. Each one is given a unique serial number and a final inspection before being sealed in a plastic sleeve to ensure it reaches its destination just as it leaves the workshop, and is not affected by any fluctuation in weather during transit.

    Drum heads are lapped to aluminum flesh hoops, which provide great strength and durability.