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    Fløyte Yamaha YFL-312, E-Mekanikk, Hode i Sølv
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    floyte yamaha yfl 312/ e mekanikk/ hode i solv
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    300 series standard flutes, Covered keys, Offset G, E mechanism, Drawn & curled

    The Yamaha YFL 312 flute is the new and improved version of the Yamaha YFL-311. The new model differs from the previous one by the newly developed and elegant-looking pointed key arms. The improved pads last longer and because of the further optimized production technology, the Yamaha YFL 312 has an even longer life.

    All 300 series flutes have a headjoint which is made entirely of sterling silver, which gives the flute a warmer, more powerful tone compared to the 200 series. Through the use of nickel-silver for the body and footjoint, the flute can be offered for a much lower price than the sterling silver models, with only minimal concessions in sound. The Yamaha YFL 312 plays easily and the accurate intonation helps fultists to develop a good ear.

    Due to the excellent value for money, reliable reputation and high residual value, this flute is a safe choice.

    The following features distinguishes the Yamaha YFL 312 from other models:
    Sterling Silver CY Headjoint
    The headjoint of the Yamaha YFL-312 is made entirely of sterling silver. This material with a 92.5% silver content has a greater density than the nickel-silver that is used for the 200 series. It therefore produces a warmer, more powerful sound. Due to the unique design and cut of the headjoint, the flute provides excellent response and helps novice players to form a good sound quickly. Also the more experienced players will appreciate this headjoint, because of the quick response in both high and low registers.

    Covered Keys
    The covered keys make the Yamaha YFL 312 easy to play. The covered pad cup, so will fully seal the tonehole anytime when the key is closed. Especially for beginners, this is important, because this allows them to focus on the basic techniques first. Advanced players sometimes prefer to open keys, as these offer more subtle control and flexibility of tone.

    Split E-Mechanism
    The high E is one of the toughest notes to play on a flute. The E mechanism of the Yamaha YFL 312 flute gives more stability and improves intonation and response of high E.

    Offset G
    The G key is placed slightly to the left, resulting in a more natural placement of the fingers for most people.  Often teachers recommend that beginners start on a flute with an offset G configuration because it tends to play easier.


    Specifications Yamaha YFL 312 flute:
    Headjoint and lip plate: sterling Silver (.925)
    Body and keys: nickel silver (silver-plated)
    Footjoint: nickel silver (silver-plated)
    Covered Keys (Plateau Keys)
    Split E Mechanism
    Offset G configuration
    Yamaha CY headjoint
    Pointed key arms
    Drawn tone holes
    Yamaha Deluxe case and related cleaning products

    Musikk-Miljø Toyooka 2005

    Musikk-Miljø as ved Morten Gjendemsjø og Mons Hauge besøkte Yamaha messingfabrikken i Hamamatsu i Japan 2005.

    Her ser dere en video om hvordan Yamaha lager en trompet. 

    Yamaha Brass Toyooka 2004
    Bilde 1/29
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Yamaha's Toyooka plant in Japan 2004
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Yamaha's Toyooka plant in Japan 2004
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Yamaha's Toyooka plant in Japan 2004