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    Obo JP081C reduced system
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    obo jp081c reduced system
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    JP081 C Oboe

    The JP081, available either in a thumb plate or conservatoire configuration, is a remarkable simple system C oboe designed to take the sting out of the cost of buying a standard student instrument. With all the keywork necessary to get the player to good standard, without being too complicated the JP081 is easy to put together with a clever system that does away with complex linkages. Despite being simplified it still plays in the key of C and comes in a high quality case. The JP081 C Oboe is great for the younger/smaller player to learn on and has been heralded as providing a free blowing sound with good tonal qualities. Especially popular within the UK Education sector, the JP081 has been described as "an exciting innovation at the cutting edge of modern instrument manufacturing technology"

    The JP081 C Oboe is available either in a thumb plate or conservatoire configuration. Both variants are constructed from a composite resin body ensuring easy maintenance and a durable instrument. The JP081 and JP081C features a reduced system, silver plated keywork with plateau keys throughout. An adjustable thumb rest is also included as standard on both models.
    Key : C
    Body : Composite resin body
    Keywork : Reduced keywork system, Silver plated, Plateau keys,
    Additional features : Adjustable thumb rest
    Supplied with : Lightweight case