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    Klarinett C JP125 reduced system
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    klarinett c jp125 reduced system
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     JP125 C Clarinet

    The JP125 is an durable yet high performing C clarinet, suitable for students and musicians new to playing the clarinet. Pitched in C, the JP125 opens up a whole new repertoire of music to players and, due to its smaller size (compared to the more conventional Bb version), enables younger players and those with smaller hands to start playing earlier. Featuring a reduced keywork system, the instrument is lightweight, easy to maintain and will comfortably see players through to a good standard. The JP125 C Clarinet is a favourite within the UK education sector due to its high performance cost ratio and robust construction.

    The JP125 features an ergonomic and practical reduced keywork system making the instrument easier to put together as well as reducing the need for extensive maintenance and repair work. Constructed in full for ebonite, it yet lightweight and robust yet still provides a full dark sound. A woodgrain finish is applied as standard giving the instrument that professional appearance. Vital to help younger players and to support them as they grow, the JP125 also features an adjustable thumb rest for comfort and stability.

    Key : C
    Body : Ebonite
    Keywork : Reduced keywork system, Nickel plated keywork
    Finishes : Woodgrain
    Additional features : Adjustable thumb rest
    Supplied with : Lightweight case, JP mouthpiece, Mouthpiece cap, Ligature, JP Reed