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    Klarinett Bb Yamaha YCL-450M
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    klarinett bb yamaha ycl 450m
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    When designing the YCL-450 Series, we conceived it as an instrument that a player just starting out, would want to continue playing well into the future. These are all Grenadilla instruments designed with the know-how gained through years of experience crafting professional level instruments. The YCL-450M additionally features our 'Duet+' treatment applied to the instrument bore making the instrument more durable and less susceptible to the effects of humidity and temperature.


    Yamaha clarinets have achieved sound quality and superb intonation by dramatically improving precision and stability. Also to cope with various quality issues inherent in wooden instruments. Duet+ models employ innovative techniques to form a protective layer next to the air column. The combination of precious wood and state-of-the-art resin is not simply a 'Duet' of tradition and technology – it’s a 'Plus' advantage indeed.This innovative technology, which premiered with our oboes, has been brought to the clarinet after extensive engineering specific to the instrument. The upper joint body is drilled out slightly larger around the bore and tone-holes. Thermoplastic ABS resin is injected into the cavity, instantly forming the inner shape of a clarinet. It is designed to preserve as much virtue of traditional clarinets as possible, while its natural appearance is hardly distinguishable from conventional all-wooden models.

    Silver-plated keys
    Silver-plated nickel silver keys give a softer, warmer sound.

    Ny justerbar tommelstøtte og selefeste

    En ny justerbar tommelstøtte gjør det mulig med hender i forskjellige størrelser, og hjelper den som spiller med å utvikle skikkelig spilleteknikk. I tillegg sørger et selefeste for at instrumentet kan holdes uten ekstra anstrengelser. Skruer som sitter hardere og ringer som er loddet med sølv gir denne nye funksjonen glimrende slitestyrke.

    Pivot screw
    The YCL-450M incorporates the same taper screws as YCL-650 that makes adjustments easier than ever.

    Second register vent tube
    A new register vent tube shape improves pronunciation in the second register. Whereas the YCL-450 needs sufficient air pressure for good response, the YCL-450M offers great response, even with low air pressure, making it easy to play even for children.

    Key: Bb
    Fingering System: Boehm, 17 keys, 6 rings
    Barrel Length: 65mm
    Toneholes: Straight tone holes with tapered undercut
    Thumb-rest: Adjustable with strap ring
    Material: Body- Grenadilla insert injected ABS resin (upper joint)
    Keys: Silver-plated nickel silver
    Mouthpiece: 4C
    Case: Included

    Musikk-Miljø Toyooka 2005

    Musikk-Miljø as ved Morten Gjendemsjø og Mons Hauge besøkte Yamaha messingfabrikken i Hamamatsu i Japan 2005.

    Her ser dere en video om hvordan Yamaha lager en trompet. 

    Yamaha Brass Toyooka 2004
    Bilde 1/29
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Yamaha's Toyooka plant in Japan 2004
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Yamaha's Toyooka plant in Japan 2004
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Yamaha's Toyooka plant in Japan 2004