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    Altsaksofon JP045V Vintage
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     JP045 Eb Alto Saxophone

    The JP045 is a fantastic starter model Eb Alto Saxophone which, through an extensive period of research and development, has achieved a level of performance usually reserved for instruments much more expensive. This new design JP instrument is solidly built and durable, standing the test of time in many UK education establishments. The JP045 has garnered much praise from many experts within the industry who have described it as "a professional standard instrument" and as playing "better than most saxes that cost ten times as much and outclasses anything else in a similar price range."

    The instrument also features many high specification elements such as an underslung 8ve mechanism, blue steel springs and a high F# and front F keys. Well crafted, the instrument is durable and robust with a fully ribbed construction and a double spine on B & C. Italian leather pads and resonator pads are equipped as standard.
    JP045 Eb Alto Saxophone (Gold Lacquer)
    JP045 Eb Alto Saxophone (Vintage)
    JP045 Eb Alto Saxophone (Silver Plate)
    JP045 Eb Alto Saxophone (Antique)
    JP045 Eb Alto Saxophone (Rose Brass)
    JP045 Eb Alto Saxophone (Black Nickel with Gold Keys)
    JP045 Eb Alto Saxophone (Black Nickel with Silver Keys)

    Key : Eb
    Body : Yellow Brass
    Keywork : Blue Steel Springs, Resonator pads, Italian leather pads, Floating plate design for little finger (left hand) cluster, Abalone pearls, Adjustable back stop
    Bell : Yellow Brass, Fully ribbed construction, Double spine B & C
    Finishes : Lacquer
    Additional features : Adjustable thumb rest, Lyre box
    Supplied with : JP Mouthpiece, Lightweight case, Mouthpiece cap, Ligature, JP Reed and supportive sling.
    Crook : Underslung 8ve mechanism