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    Rem Saksofon Neotech Double Strap, 1 Swivel and 1 Metal Hook
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    rem saksofon neotech double strap/ 1 swivel and 1 metal hook
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    Soft, comfortable neoprene pad
    Two separate straps and hooks
    Perfect for doubling in the pit between instruments of different sizes
    Keeps each instrument's strap length adjusted for faster changes

    With the Doubler Strap™, musicians can easily switch between two instruments—just remove one horn from the first hook and apply the second horn to the other hook.

    Product Description
    Neotech's Doubler Strap™ is the ideal solution for musicians who play multiple horns of varying sizes. Often when playing in the orchestra pit there are only a few bars to change instruments. With the Doubler Strap™, there's no need to take the time to readjust the length… just remove one horn from the first hook and apply the second horn to the other hook. Fast and easy! The pad features a laminated construction of neoprene, elastic reinforcement and memory foam for complete comfort during long practice sessions or gigs. With one longer and one shorter strap on a single neck pad, it's a simple matter to switch from a bari sax to an alto in just a few seconds.

    Swivel hook - Popular option with closed design. Great for students as it offers added security.  Strong enough to even carry a Baritone Sax. -  Hook breaks at about 125 pounds (56 kg).
    Plastic-covered metal hook - Ideal for instruments with small eyelets, i.e. bass clarinet, English horn, oboe, bassoon, etc. Also great for quick instrument changes at gigs.  - Hook starts to bend open at about 75 pounds (34 kg).