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    • Traditional Shepherds Crook Bb-Cornet
    • Weight 500g, light and sturdy
    • ABS body
    • Bell 120 mm
    • Identical 1st, 2nd and 3rd valves, fully interchangeable
    • Removeable 1st and 3rd valve slide
    • Removeable main tuning slide with waterkey
    • 2 plastic mouthpieces 2B and 4B

    pCornet is the world’s first ever fully plastic cornet – based on the traditional British Shepherd’s crook Bb cornet, designed in the UK for musicians by musicians. It comes in its own, cloth bag along with a 2b and 4b Denis Wick plastic mouthpiece.

    pCornet is a truly authentic musical instrument that has sparked a revolution in the way the music industry thinks about brass instruments. pCornet follows in the footsteps of its sister instruments, pBone, the world’s bestselling trombone and pTrumpet, the world’s first all plastic trumpet.

    pCornet is the only cornet with a fully plastic valve system, which we have designed and developed to create unrivalled lightness, durability and sound quality. Our patented lead pipe technology ensures a vibrant and focused sound. It is tough, taking knocks and bumps in its stride – thanks to its precision plastic engineering.

    pCornet is less than half the weight of a brass trumpet due to the plastic material throughout the whole instrument, so it’s ideal for the younger player and for all those who may have difficulty with the weight and balance. Its unrivaled price enables everyone to enjoy the quality of an equivalent metal instrument at a third of the cost. Happy in the hands of the world’s seasoned professionals, pCornet is also the perfect starter instrument.

    We have designed fully plastic mouthpieces especially for the pCornet with legendary British mouthpiece maker, Denis Wick. Each instrument comes with both a 2b and 4b Denis Wick plastic mouthpiece, you can also use any standard metal cornet mouthpiece in the pCornet.

    Adjustable tuning slides
    The all-plastic main, first and third valve tuning slides give you the flexibility of tuning that you would expect of any cornet.

    BioCote Protection
    Alongside our other products, pCornet incorporates patented anti-microbial technology from BioCote, which provides the highest standards of protection.


    How do I stop pTrumpet /pCornet valves from sticking?
    If you find the valves are sticking we recommend the following:

    Remove each piston and clean and dry the piston and inside of the valve casing with a lint free cloth. If you have used oil previously, remove all oil thoroughly from the piston and inside of the valve casing.
    In the early stages of use, some wear of the piston surface is normal and extra cleaning may be needed as the valve system beds in.
    Ensure there is no obstruction or plastic residue inside the valve casing itself, especially around the ports. You can run your fingertips inside the valve casing to feel for any rough edges.
    When playing pTrumpet, hold the valve block with a relaxed left hand as excessive tension in the hand-grip may cause compression of the valve casing and sticking of the valves.

    Should the pTrumpet/pCornet valves be lubricated?
    The valve system is low maintenance – designed to operate without any oil or lubrication. However, regular valve oil can be used sparingly and applied thinly across each piston. You may find the application of valve oil or water does not improve valve performance, in which case, clean and dry each piston and the inside of the valve casing thoroughly with a lint free cloth.

    How do I clean a pTrumpet/pCornet/pBone/pBuzz?
    pTrumpet is completely made from plastic, making it very durable and robust. It is also coated with antimicrobial technology BioCote – an agent that kills microorganisms and inhibits their growth. To clean the external surfaces, use a soft cloth with warm soapy water and dry the instrument with a lint free cloth. We recommend that you clean the instrument before first use, being careful not to get soapy water into the valve system.