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    pTRUMPET - The plastic trumpet! Authentic. Innovative. Accessible.

    Pitched in Bb

    4 3/4-inch Bell

    Unique fully plastic valve system

    One piece patented lead pipe

    All plastic water-key

    Adjustable main tuning slide

    Adjustable 1st and 3rd valve tuning slides

    Weighs just 500g

    Special right hand little finger rest

    Works with any standard trumpet mouthpiece

    Fabric carry bag

    6 now colours Available



    The pTrumpet has been thoughtfully designed to allow hands of various shapes and sizes to find a comfortable and effective grip. This encourages good posture and the correct hand positioning. The ergonomic features of the pTrumpet allow those with limited or restricted use of their hands and arms to engage with the trumpet like never before. It’s much lighter than a brass trumpet so arms don’t get tired as quickly or as often.


    All pTrumpet’s plastic parts are extremely durable, our unique, patented lead-pipe technology and one-piece bell designs are extraordinarily strong. The pTrumpet is perfect in education settings, on the road gigging or as a first instrument because even if you accidentally drop it or bash it pTrumpet won’t dent! pTrumpet may not be indestructible, but we believe it is the most durable and robust trumpet ever produced!


    pTrumpet is launching in bright red and a rich blue making it very attractive to younger players. Beginners can leap into the playing experience without the usual concerns about mishandling or damaging a traditional brass instrument. pTrumpet is light, funky, affordable and most importantly here to get more people playing and having FUN!

    Be Free

    What about all the places you could take a pTrumpet that you would never take an expensive brass instrument? We love seeing our instruments in unusual places and we encourage you to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or via email.
    Where will you take yours? The only limit is your imagination!


    pTrumpet is set to have a profound influence on the delivery of brass learning, especially in large group and class situations. Children all around the world enjoy the immediacy that pBone brings to the learning experience. Scores of teachers are using pBone to engage young children with the trombone as never before. We know pTrumpet will continue this amazing work!  


    pTrumpet represents remarkable value for money and is competitively priced considering the unrivalled sound quality, manufacture quality and the reputation of our other instruments – pBone and pBone mini.