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    Trompet Bb Adams Custom Serie A10 Selected Model, Brass 0,50mm, Gold Laquer
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    trompet bb adams custom serie a10 selected model/ brass 0/50mm/ gold laquer
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    Adams Trumpet - Experience the Sound of Quality

    Adams A10 Trumpet
    Originally developed with collaboration with Ludovich Louis, the A10 has become popular with symphonic musicians.
    Available in our ML bore option, the instrument sound wise is very rich and free with great carrying power in the upper register. A unique bell shape, tuning slide, customized leadpipe, and all-new Adams valve block make it a wonderful all-around instrument. The perfect choice for classical and all-around players

    Bell: Yellow Brass - 120 mm
    Bore: ML 11,7 mm
    Finish: Gold Lacquered
    Gauge: 0,50


    All of our brass instruments are completely handcrafted in the Adams factory in the Netherlands.
    Our trumpets are known for their superb voicing, intonation and responsive articulation. The many overtones in all registers provide them with a beautiful, vocal character. All trumpets are equipped with Adams piston valve blocks, formerly known as Bauernfeind valves.

    All of our Adams brass instruments are hand made with the equal amount of time, labor, craftmanship, and care.


    Custom Materials
    For all of our Custom Series instruments we use brass bodies with nickel silver tuning slides. Meanwhile we offer a choice in bell materials, all listed below with their specific characteristics.

    Yellow Brass
    This bell is an excellent mix of materials for all round work as this material is very versatile. The sound is clear and brilliant at all dynamic levels, with a good core and great projection. This alloy is ideal for lead trumpet, commercial playing and studio work. Also a good choice for principal trumpet players in symphony orchestras or someone who is looking for good crispness to the articulated sound.

    Gold Brass
    Like the yellow brass bell this is a very versatile horn - a near perfect blend of warmth and projection. The gold brass brings a depth to the sound which is very smooth, rich and dark, however it is still a lively and agile trumpet. It responds quickly and has good projection without getting as brilliant as the yellow brass bell. We find it to be suited to a host of applications: be it in the jazz soloist, the crossover artist, the classical soloist, or someone who is looking for depth to sound while still retaining projection.

    Red Brass
    The Red Brass bell material is an ideal choice for the soloist who is looking for the richest, warmest, thickest sound available. Higher in copper content than our other two bell choices this provides the player with the smoothest transitions from note to note. Articulations are veiled (although with a lighter Red Brass bell option it is greatly improved) and sound shape is overall a bit wider in shape.

    Sterling Silver
    We do offer all Custom Series Trumpet Models with a solid Sterling silver bell. Sterling silver is a very versatile material but also much more dependent on the individual’s particular ability level. Therefore we recommend this bell option for the serious amateur or professional. The general characteristics are the bell is much darker and thicker when played at soft to medium volumes. When this bell is pushed the higher overtones are much more present and the result is a wonderful sound with great “sparkle.”

    Custom Gauges
    We offer our bells in a choice of gauge. In very general terms:

    - The thinner the gauge of the bell results in a more energized, faster response.
    - The ticker the gauge of the bell will result in more stability and density to the sound

    Of course this in particular is very much specific to the overall build characterstics of the individual model of our Custom Series instruments. For example the A4 trumpet is primarily considered to be a "heavy" profile trumpet. We have found that a thinner gauge in the bell maximizes the whole tonal and articulation spectrum for this model.

    Custom Finishes
    Next to the bell thickness (gauge) and bell material, we offer a choice in the finish of your Adams Custom Series instrument. These options slightly influence the sound color and for some it's just a matter of taste.

    Raw Brass
    This is actually no finish. The raw material of the instrument is only polished.

    Silver Plated
    This finish will liven and energize the sound slightly.

    Gold Plated
    This finish will leave the sound very similar to the original raw state.

    Clear Lacquer
    The instrument keeps the look of the raw material.

    Gold Lacquer
    A gold tone is added to the clear lacquer.

    Copper Lacquer
    A copper tone is added to the clear lacquer.

    Colored lacquer which gives the instrument a typical antique look.

    Our Adams Custom Series offer many specific models as well as varation inside each model of instrument. Here are a few of the additional customizations we can offer.

    We are pleased to offer this as a custom option for our clients. Please contact us or a dealer for more specific information.

    Anything from your name to a complete custom made design is possible now for your instrument. For specific pricing and information, please contact your nearest authorized dealer.

    Multi-Color Inlays
    We have a large stock of different materials, if you want to customize your valve buttons.

    Adams 2016
    Publisert: 30.08.2016
    Musikk-Miljø Pro Perc fikk en hyggelig omvisning på Adams paukefabrikk i mars 2016.  Som dere ser av bildene er kobberkjeler noe Adams produserer mye av. 
    Bilde 1/4
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Adams in 2016
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Adams in 2016
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Adams in 2016
    Adams 2012
    Høsten 2012 besøkte Musikk-Miljø Pro Perc og slagverksgruppen i Sjøforsvarets musikkorps Adams fabrikken i Holland.  

    Formålet var å sjekke ut både pauker og melodiske instrumenter til framtidig kjøp.

    Musikk-Miljø Pro Perc vant sommeren 2013 en anbudskonkurranse med forsvaret om å levere en mengde slagverksinstrumenter til militærkorpsene i hele Norge. For mange av korpsene var det naturlig å velge Adams produkter med tanke på deres fremragende instrumenter.  
    Se flere bilder i bildeserie. 

    Bilde 1/7
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug Pro Perc visits Adams with customers in 2012
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug Pro Perc visits Adams with customers in 2012
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug Pro Perc visits Adams with customers in 2012
    Adams 2007 Høst
    Musikk-Miljø Pro Perc og Snorre Svenningsen fra Marinemusikken besøkte høsten 2007 Adams fabrikken for å teste ut deres nye paukemodell Schnellars. Paukene falt i smak og Marinemusikken kjøpte et sett på 5 pauker inkludert paukekasser.

    Sjekk også ut flere bilder i bildeserien!  

    Bilde 1/14
     Frans Swinkels, André Adams, Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug
    André Adams Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug
    Adams 2007
    Adams Muziekcentrale B.V. flyttet for noen år siden fra den idylliske byen Thorn i området Limburg til nabo landsbyen Ittervoort helt syd i Nederland.

    Adams produserer pauker, mange typer trommer og melodiske slagverk instrumenter.
    Her i Norge er Adams mest kjent for sine pauker, konsert stortrommer og de melodiske slagverkinstrumenter.

    Fabrikasjonen av slagverk produktene finner sted i tipp topp moderne lokaler og med en maskinpark som er meget imponerende.
    I Be-Ne-Lux landene har nesten hver eneste landsby sitt eget symfoniorkester, musikkorps eller ”pfeife und trommel” orkester. Dette gjør at markedet i disse landene er stort både for marsjtrommer og større perkusjons orkester instrumenter. Dette er nok grunnen til at Adams fabrikken har hatt en slik fantastisk utvikling.
    Adams har en utrolig stor eksport av sine produkter over hele verden..
    I vår slagverk butikk Pro Perc finner du et utrolig stort utvalg av Adams produkter.
    Bilde 1/19
    Haakon P. Bjørkhaug
    Haakon P. Bjørkhaug
    Haakon P. Bjørkhaug
    Haakon P. Bjørkhaug
    Johanna Bjørkhaug
    Haakon P. Bjørkhaug
    Haakon P. Bjørkhaug Ruud Corstjens
    Adams 1993

    Musikk-Miljø Pro Perc besøkte Adams fabrikken i Nederland for første gang sommeren 1993 

    Bilde 1/7
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Adams in Thorn 1993
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Adams in Thorn 1993
    Tom Haakon Bjørkhaug visits Adams in Thorn 1993