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    Trompet Bb JP by Taylor Silver, Taylor inspired, inkl. JP Pro Etui
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    trompet bb jp by taylor silver/ taylor inspired/ inkl jp pro etui
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    The JP by Taylor is perfect for advanced students looking for a pro-level specialist Jazz trumpet with that characteristic big brass sound. For trumpet players who are big fans of Taylor instruments, the JP by Taylor provides an excellent option for musicians looking for an affordable entry point into the Taylor brand.

    Unique benefits

    Designed in collaboration with Taylor Trumpets, the JP by Taylor is designed to offer players the look and feel of a Taylor trumpet that out-performs its price tag. Made of many of the same professional components found on Taylor trumpets, the JP by Taylor features:

    • Handmade leadpipe by Andy Taylor
    • Many heavyweight components including
    • Heavy bell
    • Heavyweight finger rings
    • Heavyweight top and bottom caps
    • Armado design water keys help to complete the attractive design
    • Made from a High Grade 80:20 Brass
    • JP by Taylor trumpet provides players with a big, bright sound and is a very cost effective route into the Taylor family.

    The JP by Taylor is a fresh collaboration with one of the most exciting international custom trumpet designers. John Packer have partnered with Andy Taylor of world renowned Taylor Trumpets to deliver a jazz inspired trumpet with a big sound. Taylor Trumpets are highly prized and sought after by musicians from around the world. They are renowned for their unparalleled brightness of sounds and ‘tank-like’ construction. The name Taylor is synonymous with excellence in the custom trumpet category.

    The JP by Taylor trumpet combines Andy Taylor’s passion and exceptional instrument design with John Packer’s knowledge and understanding of the mid range instrument landscape.

    All JP Instruments are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please note this does not cover aesthetic or finish faults. For full terms & conditions visit the JP Musical Instruments website.?

    Supplied with:
    The JP by Taylor is supplied with a JP851 Pro Double Trumpet case, JP 5C mouthpiece, Ultra Pure valve oil and maintenance guide.


    • Model: JP By Taylor
    • Key: Bb
    • Bell Size: 123mm (4.84')
    • Bore: Medium-Large 11.68mm (0.460')
    • Waterkeys: 2 (Armado)
    • Body: High Grade 80:20 Brass
    • Finish: Lacquer, Satin
    • Lyre Box: No