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    JP272 Eb Tenor Horn

    The JP272 Eb Tenor Horn builds upon the already high standard set by the JP172 and continues to push down the cost of tenor horns with professional features. Constructed from High Grade 80:20 Brass and featuring a one piece bell construction (a feature normally reserved for much more expensive musical instruments), the JP172 Eb Tenor Horn boasts a high specification at a highly competitive price. Popular in training bands, it competes outside its price range against instrument from some of the top makers. The JP272 Eb Tenor Horn has received high praise from some of the industries most well known players including Mark Armstrong who said "The instrument has been given a wave from a magic wand, free blowing with enough resistance to aid with mid-high range notation, coupled with a design that gives great tuning throughout its range. A professional standard instrument with an extremely economical price tag."

    The JP272 Eb Tenor Horn is constructed using .459" bore and features an 8" bell for great sound projection. A lyre box, 4 waterkeys and bell ring are supplied as standard. The instrument also has top sprung monel valves for a smooth and free action.  

    JP272 Eb Tenor Horn (Lacquer)
    JP272 Eb Tenor Horn (Silver Plate)

    Key : Eb
    Body : High Grade 80:20 Brass
    Bore : .459" (11.66mm)
    Bell : 8" (203.20mm), High Grade 80:20 Brass
    Valves : Top sprung monel valves
    Waterkeys : 4
    Finishes : Lacquer, Silver Plate
    Additional features : Lyre box, Bell ring, One piece bell
    Supplied with : JP602 mouthpiece, Lightweight case, Ultra-Pure maintenance kit