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    Waldhorn JP261D Rath dobbel Bb/F (avtagbart klokkestykke)
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    waldhorn jp261d rath dobbel bb/f avtagbart klokkestykke
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     JP261D RATH Bb/F French Horn

    The JP261D RATH Bb/F French Horn is a variant of the JP261 RATH with the addition of a detachable bell. This enables the instrument to be more portable and packs away into a smaller case. With an extensive phase of research and development, the quality of sound produced by the JP261D RATH isn't compromised and is still at the high level that one would expect from a JP Rath instrument. Michael Rath is highly regarded for his trombone designs, but what is less well known is that he spent ten years working with Paxman’s making French Horns. Rath instruments are renowned for the build quality and high level of finish on their instruments and the JP261D RATH is no different. Featuring an exclusively designed Rath leadpipe, the JP261D RATH incorporates many other sophisticated Rath design elements and draws on Michael's collective experience at Paxman and at Rath creating custom instruments for some of the world's more demanding players. The JP261D RATH has been well received within the industry and has received many positive reviews from players at a variety of levels. Rob Harris, 3rd Horn in Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra complimented the instrument saying "I have great pleasure in recommending the JP261D Rath double Bb/F French horn as a fantastic instrument for the intermediate level horn player (grade 4-7). It is a remarkably free blowing instrument & the example I played had an excellent top register."

    The JP261D RATH features the same level of specification as the JP261RATH but with the addition of a detachable bell and more compact case. The instrument is constructed from high grade 80:20 brass throughout and includes an exclusive Rath designed leadpipe. As you would expect from an instrument at this level, the JP261D RATH includes neoprene valve bumpers, a mechanical (ball & socket) linkage and bell ring. The JP261D RATH also includes an adjustable and reversible Bb/F lever for those who prefer the horn to stand in Bb rather than F.
    JP261D RATH Bb/F French Horn (Lacquer)
    JP261D RATH Bb/F French Horn (Nickel Plate)

    Key : Bb/F
    Bell : High grade 80:20 brass
    Valves : Mechanical (Ball & Socket) linkage
    Finishes : Lacquer, Nickel Plate
    Additional features : Detachable bell, Exclusive Rath designed leadpipe, Fully compensating system, Neoprene valve bumpers, Bell ring, Adjustable and reversible Bb+F lever
    Supplied with : JP Mouthpiece, JP857 Pro Detachable Bell French Horn Case, Ultra-Pure maintenance kit