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    Tuba Bb JP179B 4v. front. Lakkert
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    tuba bb jp179b 4v front lakkert
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    John Packer JP179B Tuba

    This tuba is a fantastic compact instrument with 4 front facing valves perfect for wind bands, orchestras and concert bands alike.
    This isn't a common instrument in the UK, with a forward facing action being more widely used in America and on the Continent.
    The JP179B is also a wonderful tuba for more experienced players looking for a lightweight instrument for marching bands.

    Unique benefits

    • Front action valves, meaning the tuba will fit in and blend well with the trombone section of any band/ensemble.
    • Lightweight, compact design for comfort. Despite its smaller form factor it still performs well in line with other much more expensive (and larger) models.
    • Fourth valve slightly lower to allow for the smaller little finger.
    • Thumb ring for comfort when holding the instrument both sat down and marching.
    • Carriage rings for marching.


    • Model: JP179B
    • Key: Bb
    • Bell Size: Yellow Brass 370mm (14 1/2")
    • Valves: Piston 4
    • Bore: Large 17.5-18.5mm (0.689-0.728")
    • Waterkey: Lever 1
    • Body: Yellow Brass
    • Finish: Lacquer
    • Mouthpiece: JP611
    • Leadpipe: Rose Brass

    Supplied with

    The JP179B Tuba is supplied with an entry level John Packer JP611 4AL Tuba Mouthpiece and a high quality lightweight case featuring wheels, YKK zips throughout and useful side storage pocket.