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    Ventilolje Denis Wick Advanced Formula
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    ventilolje denis wick advanced formula
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    Denis Wick Advanced Formula Valve Oil With PTFE.

    • Fast, long-lasting oil with a very silky feel
    • Microscopic particles of PTFE carry on lubricating long after other valve oils have evaporated
    • PTFE – the most slippery substance on earth
    • Formulation includes a special anti-evaporation agent
    • Virtually odourless
    • Special bottle with built-in UV filter to protect from sunlight
    • No residue
    • Especially useful for tuba and euphonium players, and for trombonists using Thayer and other large valves, as there is no need for constant re-application due to evaporation
    • Excellent value
    • Suitable for all piston and rotary valves
    • Developed in collaboration with trumpet specialist Will Spencer

    The chemical name of PTFE is Polytetrafluoroethylene, and it is the most slippery substance on earth. It is found in many everyday usages such as non-stick pans, Gore-Tex rainwear and in dental floss. Its unique properties transform ordinary valve oil into an extraordinary lubricant, the microscopic particles acting as minute ball-bearings.

    Denis Wick is pleased to set a new standard in brass instrument lubrication with innovative new product. Developed in association with trumpet expert Will Spencer, Denis Wick Advanced Formula Valve Oil is already acclaimed as a favourite by many leading brass players. It gives modern valves a very silky feel, is exceptionally long-lasting and remains unaffected by extreme weather conditions, so no more problems of slow, sticky valves in hot weather due to evaporation.

    Its lack of residue makes it a great favourite amongst horn-players, who don’t want to be taking valves apart to clean out gunky residue.

    Its ability to carry on lubricating between applications makes it the most useful oil for instruments where evaporation can be a problem, such as the tuba, euphonium, and instruments with Thayer valves.

    The oil is light and fast, and works equally well in piston and rotary valves. Its special properties work in the smallest piccolo trumpets and the largest tubas.


    Simply the best!

    ‘This Valve oil is simply the best. Fast and long lasting. You will not believe the difference this will make to your valves.’

    Kim Jorgensen, London

    The best I have ever used!

    ‘This Valve Oil is the best I have ever used. It gives very smooth and fast valve action and does not appear to evaporate as fast as many cheaper brands do. I would highly recommend it to anyone serious about their brass playing.’

    Chris Turner, Wales


    This is by far the best!

     ‘I was kicking myself in the butt from the second I ordered the Denis Wick oil until I used it. I used to oil my valves ever week or so, but now I oil them when I'm bored and can't seem to remember the last time I used valve oil (it lasts forever!). I bought another bottle just in case I lose the first. I have tried every oil from Blue Juice, Pro Oil, Al Cass, Pure Oil, Viper Oil and many more and this is by far the best and worth the extra $2.’

    Derek, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.

    Best valve oil I have ever seen!

    ‘As a Pro musician, I have wasted large amounts of money trying to find the best valve oil. Sure Al Cass works fine. But it only lasts a week tops. Denis Wick Valve Oil is perfect for any brass instrument. It normally lasts 2 to 3 months fine (It even lasted me 5 months when I wasn’t using my trumpet every day.) I like to use it on instruments in storage too. Even after a year of sitting in storage, one of my trumpets was just as good as if I had just used Al Cass valve oil.

    To sum this up, BUY THIS NOW! Best valve oil I have ever seen. Don't be scared of the price. This stuff is that good. one of my favorite things about this valve oil is the flavor. As most trumpet players know, the smell of valve oil travels through the horn. And Blue Juice is by far the worst tasting I have ever used. When I put the horn to my face, I get that small bit of flavor which never makes me feel sick. So buy this. And buy me one too well you’re at it.’

    Tony, U.S.A.

    And for non-brass players….

    Well worth the money...

    ‘I bought this to oil my knitting machine bed. It makes the carriages glide over the beds and is very easy to clean off after each use. Well worth the money and would buy again.’

    ‘DoodleBug’ UK

    Musikk-Miljø besøker Denis Wick i England
    Musikk-Miljø besøkte Denis Wick fabrikken i England i 2010.  Der fikk vi se og oppleve hvordan Denis Wick produserer verdens fremste munnstykker og muter.