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    Munnstykke Tuba Perantucci PT-48 (CC/Bb) Standard
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    munnstykke tuba perantucci pt 48 cc/bb standard
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    Model PT 48 Perantucci Best-Seller Bb and C Tubas

    Cup Diameter : 32,5 mm diameter. Deep, deep pear shaped cup.
    Rim : Width 8 mm. Rounded inner and    outer edges.
    Bore: 8,3 mm
    Resistance : Moderate – open blowing.

    Model PT-48 is based on the classic Helleberg concept yet wider than standard mouthpieces. The rim is enhanced for quick response and clarity. The sound is dark with a broad core. Model PT-48 is similar to the PT-44 yet larger. The sound is dark with a pronounced core. Excellent for medium-large and large-bore CC and BBb tubas. Recommended for those who find the PT-50 and PT-88 too big. Also posible with heavy shell cup!

    Excellent for medium-large and large-bore CC and BBb tubas.

    Perantucci tuba mouthpieces are available with the following shanks:
    No indication:  Large shank, for modern instruments with large receivers: (ø = 15.2 mm)
    S models:   For intruments with small receivers: (ø = 14.8 mm)
    Standard large European shank is recommended for most mouthpieces.
    The Perantucci S shank is recommended for instruments that have smaller receivers or those which have high resistance sounding.