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    Munnstykke Basstrombone K&G 1E Silver
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    munnstykke basstrombone kg 1e silver
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    A complete and comprehensive range of mouthpieces for the bass trombone.
    There are two K&G cup sizes for each bass trombone mouthpiece rim diameter, thus enabling the player to benefit from all the different playing characteristics without any rim profile change and, therefore, giving a settled embouchure.

    D cup – The shallower of the two and the same as the K&G euphonium cup with a fuller, broad, round sound. The K&G bass trombone D cup is typically the choice of many big band bass trombonists. The D cup provides excellent control and articulation in all registers.

    E cup – The E cup is the larger of the two K&G bass trombone cups. This unique design gives a robust bass sound but still remains totally focused. The K&G bass trombone E cup offers an open feel and is typically the choice of many orchestral bass trombonists. The overtones are specifically designed such that the bass trombone sound with the E cup remains stable and consistent in all registers.

    Designation - Rim Inside Diameter (mm) - D (deep) - E (very deep) - Shank
    0 - 28.4 - 0D - 0E - Large
    0.5 - 28 - 0.5D - 0.5E - Large
    1 - 27.7 - 1D - 1E - Large
    1.5 - 27.4 - 1.5D - 1.5E - Large
    2 - 27.2 - 2D - 2E - Large
    2.5 - 26.9 - 2.5D - 2.5E - Large

    Available in both Silver and Gold.