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    Etui Trombone JP Pro
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    etui trombone jp pro
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    JP Pro Trombone Case

    JP854 Pro Trombone Case
    The JP854 Pro lightweight trombone case is our flagship pro level case for keeping your instrument as safe as it can possibly be. Constructed from lightweight fiberglass, the rigid structure will protect your trombone from dents, scratches and and even more serious damage. Attractively styled, the JP854 Pro trombone case also has a number of ergonomic features which sets it apart from its competition. The case features both a backpack and shoulder strap for comfort, as well as several storage compartments both internally (suitable for small accessories and equipment) and externally (suitable for A4 sheet music). A removable pouch fits neatly into the cases design with space for 2 mouthpieces. Finally a number of adjustable padded blocks enable players to customise the case to provide the best protection for their specific model of instrument. A high quality finish including YKK zips and strong stitching can be found throughout.

    Supplied with:
    JP230 RATH Bb Trombone
    JP231 RATH Bb Tenor Trombone
    JP233 RATH Bb/F Single Valve Bass Trombone
    JP331 RATH Bb/F Trombone
    JP332 RATH Bb/F Trombone
    JP332O RATH Open Wrap Tenor Trombone Bb/F
    Body : Fibreglass
    Slide : Separate secure slide section
    Additional features : Removable mouthpiece pouch, Internal storage compartment, External A4 music storage, High quality YKK zips, Backpack and shoulder straps, Adjustable padded blocks