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    gig bag trompet fusion enkel urban sort
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    The Urban Trumpet gig bag is ideal for the gigging musician who travels with their instrument on a regular basis. This bag is lightweight, ergonomically designed and incorporates the unique "Fuse-on" system, whereby a separate range of accessory bags can quickly and easily fit onto the main instrument bag.

    Tough on the Outside, Safe on the Inside
    The bag provides excellent protection, with 20mm high density foam padding and a tough water resistant non PVC backed material.
    Soft rubber handles, zip pulls and a robust moulded base provide the perfect solution to carry your instrument safely, wherever you may need to go.
    Available in black and black/blue with a commuter friendly reflective print - a safety factor if you are a cyclist or pedestrian.
    Compartment where the backpack straps can be stored out of sight if carried by hand.
    Lockable zips on the main compartment of the bag to keep your instrument secure.
    Your trumpet will be stored safely inside a 20mm (0.78”) high density lightweight foam shell, the inside of which is lined with a soft non-scratch velvet-mix lining.

    Pockets Galore!
    There are two pockets to the front of the bag, one large enough to carry A4 sheet music. There is plenty of space for pencils, mouthpieces, valve oils and any other accessories you might need. If you need extra space to carry more gear, spare clothing or even your laptop, just ‘fuse-on’ with our line of Urban accessory bags.

    Add a Sleeve or Rain Cover!
    The sleeve is padded and has a grab handle to help remove it from inside the main instrument bag. The rain-cover with reflective Fusion logo, is a great way to keep your bag dry in wet weather conditions and to be seen walking or cycling at night.

    If you want a higher level of protection for your Trumpet, you can purchase a Trumpet Sleeve & Rain Cover from our accessories.