Eric Moore G9 Digital Drums Clinic Tour 2022

fredag 18. mars 2022

Musikk-Miljø PRO PERC i samarbeid med GEWA Music ønsker velkommen til trommeclinic med ERIC MOORE på utestedet STEREO i Bergen ONSDAG 6. APRIL.
Sted: Stereo, Christies gate 14, 5014 Bergen
Når: Onsdag 6. april kl. 19.00. Bar i første etasje vil være åpen fra kl. 18.00
Entre: kr 50,- Betales med Vipps ved inngangen. Det vil være åpent for alle aldre.
Eric Moore vil spille på Gewa sitt nye G9 digitalsett.
The GEWA G9 team proudly presents Mr. ERIC MOORE to perform the GEWA G9 DIGITAL DRUMS CLINIC TOUR.
Eric Moore is currently one of the most influential and diverse drummers. Whether he is well-known through his social media or from touring with big acts like Suicidal Tendencies, or Italian pop god Eros Ramazzotti, some of you might have seen him perform on GEWA´s flagship digital drums, the GEWA G9.
We are proud to bring Eric Moore to Bergen and showcase his phenomenal drumming. Along wiith him, you'll be able to see the GEWA G9 drum kit and meet contact persons from the development team.