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    Waldhorn JP161 Bb Mini Enkelt
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    waldhorn jp161 bb mini enkelt
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    JP161 Bb French Horn
    The JP161 is a small wrap single Bb French Horn ideal for students and young players picking up the instrument for the first time. Specifically designed with smaller hands in mind, the instrument features a small wrap design ensuring it is lightweight and easy to hold. The design of the JP161 is tailored to ensure a durable instrument geared towards younger musicians and first time players with the inclusion of neoprene valves bumpers and adjustable ducks feet / finger ring. This also ensures versatility of the instrument within schools and music services. The JP161 has been well regarded in the industry and comes recommended by Ian Smith of the Royal Ballet Symphonia who described it as "the best student instrument I have tried by a long way.". He went on to say "it is solidly built and seems very robust". The JP161 Bb French Horn represents a fantastic offering for those looking to start their musical journey on a single Bb horn.
    The JP161 Bb French Horn is constructed from yellow brass throughout and is configured in a small wrap Bb design. The instrument also includes a number of high quality components usually reserved for more expensive French Horns including a mechanical (ball & socket) linkage, neoprene valve bumpers and an adjustable ducks foot / finger ring. These features ensure the instrument is suitable for younger players without affecting the quality of the instrument's performance and are the reason the instrument has become so popular with the UK education sector.
    Key : Bb
    Bell : Yellow brass
    Valves : Mechanical (ball & Socket) linkage
    Finishes : Lacquer
    Additional features : Small wrap design, Neoprene valve bumpers, Bell ring, Adjustable ducks foot / finger ring
    Supplied with : JP612 Mouthpiece, Lightweight case, Ultra-Pure professional valve oil