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    Pustetrener Lunge-Bag 3 liter
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    pustetrener lunge bag 3 liter
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    Breathing Bag
    incl. mouthpiece

    • To control the breathing pressure
    • Independent use of the inspiratory or expiratory muscles
    • Training of breathing  muscles

    A large lung volume and strong respiratory muscles are very important for blowing musicians when they play their instruments; but more decisive factor is the ability to control breathing pressure and respiratory muscles.

    The relaxed inhalation and exhalation can be practiced with the breathing bag. When the same air is breathed in and out several times, carbon dioxide, not oxygen, will be transmitted in order to avoid

    Practice to empty the lungs slowly and evenly as deeply as possible and then to inhale used air  so fast as possible again. You can thereby produce the predetermined rhythm, for example with the tongue - this helps the air to run past the tongue by playing. Likewise the muscles for increasing lungs will learn to work independently from the muscles for reduction of the lungs.

    It is important that the lung reaches the extreme 'empty' and 'fully'. This exercise can be performed without problems up to 20 seconds at a time. Please make sure that there are no stops between inhalation and exhalation phases and avoid respiration through the nose. You can set the breath rhythm with the help of a metronome. The volume of inha- led air can be controlled with the help of further devices.

    Instructions for cleaning and care:

    Keep your breathing bag dry and protect it from heat and in?uence of light. Avoid
    its contact with metals, solvents, oils and strong cleaning and washing products.

    Clean the breathing bag with a mild liquid cleaning agent.

    Do not sterilize breathing  bags with hot air! Other sterilisation methods, as with cold sterilisation means taking in consi-
    deration all manufactur instructions, in the autoclave (max. 137°C)  and gas sterilisation but are possible.

    Technical details: Breathing bag with tube connector 22 mm, antistatic. Breathing bag contains latex and can cause allergic reactions in case of latex incompatibility.

    In case of dizziness or other complications please reduce the duration of the excercises, respectively talk to your doctor.