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    Mute Tuba Practice Denis Wick 5519
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    mute tuba practice denis wick 5519
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    Mutebag Tuba Canvas Denis Wick A106
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    Denis Wick practice mutes are perhaps the best teaching aid ever invented. Not only do they fulfil the need for the IN TUNE painless practice, so essential in the development of every young player and an indispensible 'hotel mute' for the professional, but they also possible an enormous improvement in tone quality using the entire vital capacity as a vibrating air column by opening the throat spaces through playing loudly in the low register.


    'The Denis Wick practice mute has been a wonderful tool for me. Since I purchased it, I can feel and hear the difference it has made to my standard of playing. I use it daily in my warm up, mainly at the beginning on long notes, just so that I can get my lungs working properly. The resistance that it creates is key to helping me build up stamina and also shows me whether I'm using enough air through the instrument. The main thing that it has helped me with, is my low notes/pedal notes, which as a tuba player, are quite important as the mute really gets me to open up my embouchure and play with a rounded, full sound.Obviously when using a practice mute, it can affect the tuning, but I’ve found with the Denis Wick, that it does not affect it so badly compared to many other practice mutes.

    It has been my most successful purchase for my tuba playing by a long shot, and I will continue using it for as long as I play!'

    Tom Francombe, Principal Tuba, National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain


    Bought this for my husband who is working on his doctorate in tuba performance. This mute has made it possible for him to practice without disturbing the family or disturbing the apartment neighbors! He says it gives great resistance without compromising tone. He no longer has to take the tuba all the way to the university to practice.

    Iluna, U.S.A.


    Musikk-Miljø besøker Denis Wick i England
    Musikk-Miljø besøkte Denis Wick fabrikken i England i 2010.  Der fikk vi se og oppleve hvordan Denis Wick produserer verdens fremste munnstykker og muter.