Paiste 2022 Flat Rides

Masters Dark Flat Ride 20" / 22"

Signature Traditionals Light Flat Ride 20" / 22"
Formula 602 Thin Flatride 18" / 20" / 22"
2002 Flatride 18" / 20"

In the late 1960s, Paiste developed the idea of a cymbal without a bell. This resulted in the innovative Flat Ride Concept, for which international patents were awarded at the time. The revolutionary, very defined and controlled Flat Ride Sound has since become part of important recorded music in Jazz, notably so with prestigious band leaders who helped shape modern Jazz.

Due to the missing bell, Flat Rides are very easy to control. Since a Flat Ride hardly builds up, the airy, unobtrusive and cultivated ping remains well defined at all volumes, particularly with light play. This is especially advantageous in acoustic music or when accompanying soloists, since the cymbal never covers the rest of the band, even when played dynamically.

The medium light weight 20’’ & 22’’ Masters Dark Flat Ride models complement the Masters Series with a dark and complex variation on the typical Flat Ride characteristic. The Ping exhibits less of the very high frequencies of classic Paiste Flat Rides, and the low wash has a bit more dirt. The new model thus fits seamlessly into the sound character of the Masters Dark models.

The medium light weight 20’’ & 22’’ Signature Traditionals Light Flat Ride models have dark and complex qualities overall, yet the ping offers silvery highs and clarity. With its softer sound and feel this model is well suited for quieter settings.

The light weight 18’’, 20’’ & 22’’ Formula 602 Thin Flatride models feature the incomparable purity and clarity typical of Formula 602 cymbals. The airy ping exhibits silky softness, and the overall sound is very deep. These buttery soft cymbals are ideal for delicate playing at low volumes.

The 18’’ & 20” 2002 Flatride models mirror the legendary brilliance and warmth of the 2002 Series. The bright, pearly ping floats over a warm, controllable wash. This model is an ideal companion when subtlety and definition paired with radiant presence and a bit more strength are required.

The new models join the 20’’ Formula 602 Medium Flatride, which was previously released with the Formula 602 Relaunch.

Masters, Formula 602, Signature Traditionals and 2002 Cymbals are made in Switzerland from various bronze alloys using traditional craftsmanship that has remained unchanged in over half a century.